Making Memories at Fairmont Dallas

Last summer, while celebrating our ten year anniversary, Jason and I started something new. We decided that once a year, we needed some quality one on one time away from home. Not just a date night, but a true “pack your bags” kind of retreat. And let me tell you, not rushing home to a sitter and sleeping in the next morning is amazing! Whether it be an overnighter somewhere nearby or a long weekend getaway, this trip is now something Jason and I look forward to each year.

This year, we had the honor of celebrating eleven years of marriage at the lovely Fairmont in downtown Dallas. If you are local to the Dallas area, you know that the Fairmont is central to some of Dallas’ greatest sites including the Arts District, Klyde Warren Park, the Perot Museum and the Harwood District. Looking to do a little shopping? Enjoy a complimentary trolley ride through downtown to the shops of West Village.

Since originally opening in 1969, the Fairmont remains one of the finest places to stay for those that truly want to experience the Big D.

The Fairmont holds so many special memories for Jason and me personally. Not only is this where we stayed the night of our wedding, but it’s also where we had one pretty epic reception. Best night ever! We celebrated with friends, ate way too much cake and danced for hours. At the end of the night, we were surprised inside the ballroom by the most beautiful horse drawn carriage. It made for quite the exit and a night we will never forget.

Fast forward eleven years and we are back where it all began – talk about a walk down memory lane. For our anniversary dinner, Jason made reservations at Dakota’s Steakhouse right down the street from our hotel. The food was seriously so delicious and the environment could not have been more romantic.

Afterwards, we took a stroll through downtown and ended the evening back at our hotel just in time to see the sun set from the Fairmont’s gorgeous rooftop terrace and garden.

What was already a perfect night became even more special when we returned to our suite to find chocolate covered strawberries and rose petals throughout – all compliments of Fairmont Dallas.

The next morning, Jason and I slept in and enjoyed the yummiest breakfast in bed. Is there anything better? I seriously cannot remember the last time we were able to just lounge around like this, but it was glorious!

Fluffy, chocolate chip pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon got us up and going to enjoy the rest of our afternoon poolside. It was so relaxing and the perfect end to an unforgettable stay at the Fairmont.

I honestly did not realize just how much we needed this time together. At so many points throughout our stay I found myself thinking how nice it was to just sit and talk. We did a little summer planning and of course enjoyed talking about our kiddos. We talked about our goals, the future and really just life in general. It was wonderful!

We cannot thank Fairmont Dallas enough for making this anniversary so special. We will definitely be back for another stay soon!

9 Tips to Jump Start Your Health & Fitness Goals + New From Athleta

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May is finally here! Can you believe it? My mind automatically jumps to Summer and all things SUN! May is also the perfect time to finally put into action those fitness goals you made back in January. Bikini season is here and we all just want to look and feel our best, right?

No matter what you’re goals may be, I hope these tips help motivate you to start living your best life. Cheers to a healthier (and happier) version of you!

#1 Prepare yourself mentally

A healthy lifestyle is important no matter who you are and achievable with the right mindset. Keep in mind, not everyone is going to start out at the same level. We all have different goals and we all have different body types… no more comparing yourself to the woman next to you. Remember, you are doing this for you and no one else.

Also, no more excuses! Make today the day you start ignoring your excuses and go after what you really want. What better time to start than now?

#2 Know the facts

It’s important to know that being fit is not just about how you look, but how you feel. In fact, there are several perks to working out beyond physical appearance. Regular exercise has been shown to improve:

  1. Production of endorphins decreasing feelings of depression, anxiety and stress
  2. Energy levels
  3. Risks of chronic disease
  4. Memory, thinking skills and overall brain function
  5. Sleep quality
#3 Make fitness fun

Getting a work out in does not always have to be the same thing each and every day. Why not try something new? When you’re in a rut, change things up! There are seriously so many fun and different things you can do to keep yourself active throughout the week. Have fun with it!

Click here for a list of fun things you can do to stay active.

I’ve been training with Coach Rob since January and love his class! If you are local to the Dallas area, definitely check him out. His fitness camps are awesome!

#4 Go shopping

My favorite fun tip of the day – GO SHOPPING! Nothing gets me quite as motivated or pumped for a workout like new athletic apparel. Starting bootcamp next week? Why not invest in a new pair of leggings and matching sports bra? As silly as it sounds, new fitness gear has a way of instantly boosting our self esteem. And who doesn’t love a shopping spree?

#5 Pull out the pods

Whether it’s a motivational playlist or podcast you can’t wait to finish, it’s amazing how fast a workout can fly by with added entertainment. The power of distraction! This is especially helpful for those that do not actually enjoy working out. Pop in the AirPods and enjoy a nice long run while finishing that new documentary you just downloaded on Audible.

#6 Plan ahead 

As the saying goes, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” This is especially true with what you eat. The truth is, the majority of your fitness results are based on nutrition. You can work out every day of the week, but if you are not eating right you will not get the results you want. Taking the time to plan out your meals for the week and preparing those meals in advance is a total game changer.

When meal planning, remember to set realistic goals that never compromise your health. It’s not always about eating less, but more about filling up on the right kinds of food like vegetables. The idea is to start healthy eating habits that will transition into an overall healthy lifestyle.

Planning ahead should also include your workouts. What is the month going to look like for you? Plan out exactly when and how you are going to get your sweat on and then follow through.

#7 Be patient

Results are not going to happen over night. All good things take time. If it’s important to you though, it’s worth working for.

Also, remember to show yourself a little grace. Life happens. When it has been one of those days and a trip to the gym is just not going to happen – that’s ok! Do a quick leg workout or ab challenge before bed. Pinterest is full of five minute workouts that are easy to follow from home.


#8 Accountability is key

For many, accountability is often the difference between success and failure. Try finding a group of friends or family members that want to join you on this journey to get fit. You can start a fun Facebook group or even a Marco Polo thread that everyone communicates through. There, you each can share when you got your work out in and how your eating went that day. You can even plan weekly workouts for the group. Sunday Zumba nights anyone? Have fun with it! These groups are not only a great way to stay connected, but also a great source of encouragement and accountability.

#9 Treat yourself

Whether it’s a night out with the girls or date night with the hubby, make sure to celebrate your accomplishments. When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, balance is everything. So whatever it may be, treat yourself, but in moderation. You’ve earned it!

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I hope you found today’s post helpful and encouraging! Don’t forget to leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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